High School Dropout

There are many reasons why a high school dropout chooses to cut short a public education. After all, everybody knows that the better the education, the better the earning potential later. But there are many reasons a person stops going to high school and they have nothing to do with earning potential later.

Instead, it's sometimes a matter of immediate need that forces a happy student into becoming a high school dropout. It could be a matter of illness in the family, an economic crisis in the household, or a desire to move on into the next phase of life, which might mean starting college early or starting a family of one's own.

Sometimes a high school dropout had to make the decision between remaining at home, enrolled in high school and getting a very traditional education, or hitting the road and making millions of dollars, even as a teenager. That's the case with many actors, performers, and athletes, including Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Mary Lou Retton.

When circumstances dictate the need or the situation that leads to the decision of becoming a high school dropout, it's perhaps a good idea to view the situation as a temporary one, as is so much of life. Dropping out doesn't have to mean an end of education but perhaps a break between phases of education instead.

It's likely a high school dropout will encounter the situation where a high school diploma would serve an advantage. This situation may be to obtain a new job, a promotion at a current job, or to enroll in college. When these situations arise, hope and opportunity are not lost.

Every high school dropout should consider the General Educational Development (GED) examination credentials when the time comes to get back on the educational track. This program was founded just after World War II to ease the transition from war to peace for the returning soldiers who had enlisted to fight the war effort in lieu of a high school diploma. The program has expanded over the years to include many people who do not have a traditional diploma for whatever reason.

Some really famous people have taken the GED tests after becoming themselves a high school dropout - Peter Jennings, the news anchor for ABC television; Jerry Garcia, of the Grateful Dead; comedian Chris Rock; actors Christian Slater and Mark Wahlberg; and even Sanjaya Malakar, Americas favorite contestant during most of season six of the American Idol TV show.

The list goes on. The GED tests have been taken by more than 15 million high school dropout students since its inception in the 1940s. And the number is likely to grow at a hefty rate as public dissatisfaction with the current public school system grows, too.

A high school dropout is not without a future. He or she just has alternative choices to consider.